Coaches, Black Males, and Academics

Published January 4, 2012 by Leonard Moore


Ten Ways Coaches Can Raise GPA's of Black Males

1. Devote 25% of the recruiting weekend to academic related activities.

2. Launch a summer bridge program for black male athletes entering your program.

3. Two-hour per day (Sunday-Thursday) mandatory study time at the academic center for those with a GPA under 3.0.

4. Have weekly academic meetings with your entire staff. Go over every athlete, every class.

5. Hold assistant coaches accountable for academic performance of their guys.

6. Respect and appreciate the academic staff. Reward them in public, in the media. When you get a pay raise, bowl bonus, etc., make sure they get an increase as well.

7. Recognize academic achievements once a week during practice or team meetings and give tangible rewards.

8. Equalize punishment for missed classes, tutor appointments, and for missing practice.

9. Sponsor a campus-wide Black male academic recognition ceremony.

10. Help your school start a campus-wide Black Male Initiative.

Coaches and AD's: At the end of your career your won-loss record, how much money you raised, how many championships you won, and how many young men you sent to the League will be meaningless. In the book of Ecclesiastes Solomon characterizes all of this achievement as a "chasing after the wind." He says that "As I looked at everything I had worked so hard to accomplish, it was all so meaningless. There was nothing really worthwhile anywhere."

God has given you an amazing opportunity to impact the lives of young men. This investment will be the only thing that lasts.

If I can be of any assistance to any of you please don't hesitate to reach out. God Bless.