Hip-Hop Culture and the Black Male Student-Athlete

Published January 10, 2012 by You+Dallas

Ten Ways Hip-Hop Culture effects Black Male Athletes

1. It teaches black men to embrace anti-intellectualism.

2. It gives black males four career options: athlete, entertainer, criminal, and "nigga"

3. It teaches black men that college is just a path to the League, and not a path to a career.

4. It provides horrible role models for black men such as Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, and others.

5. It encourages thuggis behavior even in country-club university environments.

6. It promotes rebellion to authority.

7. It preaches get-rich-quick and ignores the idea of delayed gratification.

8. It breeds a severe disrespect of women.

9. It teaches black men that a woman is to provide for his sexual needs upon demand.

10. It promotes irresponsible fatherhood. 

In order to provide an effective support network for the black males on your campus you must understand that culture that produces them. Once you understand the pervasive culture of hip-hop music and culture, then you can address the problems.