Football is the Hardest Class on Campus

Published December 20, 2012 by You+Dallas


Yes, at major college campuses and at big-time high schools football is the hardest class on campus. Here are five reasons why:

1. It takes the most preparation. Most football programs start practicing in January and February for the upcoming season that doesn't even start until September! 

2. The terminology is harder the most advanced science class at any university. 

3. Players must know not only what their assignment is on a play but they also must know everyone else's assignment as well.

4. Young men must use not only their intellectual ability but also their physical ability at the same time.

5. The cost of failure is national humiliation. If you flunk a chemistry test no one knows. If you blow a coverage in a nationally-televised game or throw five interceptions against your rival it will be on ESPN that night and throughout the week. Oh yea, ignorant fans will blow up your facebook page with insults.

So, if football is the hardest class on campus then why don't we excel in the classroom. The answer is simple: we have not taught our young men to transfer the skills they use in football to the classroom.