Coaches Session II--The Things That Have Shaped Me

Published November 11, 2011 by Leonard Moore

Football and basketball coaches across the country at all levels put in countless hours watching film, running practices, supervising strength and conditioning workouts, and scouting their opponents, all in an effort to give their team a competitive advantage. However, at some point coaches reach a level of diminishing returns. Meaning that after a certain point there is generally not a correlation between preparation time and performance.

Coaches often spend so much time game-planning that they neglect to spend time getting to know their student-athletes. I don't mean in a casual way, I'm talking about a deep, sincere and intimate friendship where coaches and players really get to know one another. 

When coaches know the background, family life, and events that have shaped the lives of the young men who play for them, then they can adjust their coaching style to fit the needs of the student. The one-size-fits-all approach no longer works. Some athletes need different kinds of motivation. Some just need recognition. While others just need a word of encouragement. 

In this session with coaches from Dallas ISD we talk about the importance of getting to know the young men that play for you.