Session One: The Urban85 Program Designed for Black Male Student Athletes

Published October 30, 2011 by Leonard Moore

Earlier this year Urban85 conducted a workshop with Athletic Director, Jeff Johnson, and the athletic directors and head coaches with Dallas Independent School District.  Urban85 has committed to incorporate its program at the High School level in order to increase the number of student athletes, particularly black male student athletes, who are prepared to attend college. 

Some of the country's best players and coaches are in Dallas ISD High Schools and we could not pass up an opportunity to share our work with athletic directors and coaches. 

Urban85 did a full 90-minute workshop that day with DISD athletic directors and football and some basketball coaches. As you can imagine many of the character issues we are dealing with at the college level are also present at the high school level. Unfortunately, high school coaches and administrators don't necessarily have the time, resources, and energy, to mount effective interventions. 

Working with YouPlusDallas, we will present a ten-part series describing the essential components of the Urban85 program.   The goal is to work on a set of initiatives that give all student-athletes in the District an opportunity to leverage their athletic and academic talent for scholarships.  Session One can be viewed here.

We are confident that we can put a structure in place that allows individual high schools to establish solid social and academic support systems.